LocalKaraoke.Com - Best Practices for Submitting to LocalKaraoke.Com
Updated: August 17, 2013
LocalKaraoke.Com reviews every submitted entry before it is published.

Submitted material is often revised by our staff for a number of reasons.
Below is a listing of "do's" and "do not's" as recommended by us to allow for a more expedient publishing of your submission.
Do's... Do Not's...
  • - Do... check the calendar to see if the listing is already posted.
  • - Do... enter as much critical information as possible (address,venue name, etc).
  • - Do... submit all known days and times for each venue.
  • - Do... place a valid venue and not one to "see how it works".
  • - Do... select the correct submission type (Karaoke or Trivia).
  • - Do... tell us more about the venue, i.e. atmosphere, simple directions, dominant type of music, etc.
  • - Do... please be patient as we review and get a chance to publish it.

  • - Do Not... enter time sensitive or one time event information, such as "Contest this Friday Night". Please use the message board for such postings.
  • - Do Not... USE All CAPS.
  • - Do Not... post the KJ/DJ phone, website, address etceteras, post Venue information Only.
  • - Do Not... place subjective material such as "The Best show ever!" or "KJ {insert name} is the best in town!!!!!".
  • - Do Not... submit content negatively focusing race, creed, preferences, etceteras. It happens, but shouldn't... nuff said.

  • We process listed venue changes based on the following priorities...
  • Critical - Venue Deletions
  • Critical - Venue Weekday, Phone Number, Address Updates
  • High - Venue/Event Additions, Venue Time Updates
  • Medium - Venue Website and Email Updates
  • Low - Venue Note Updates

  • LocalKaraoke.Com, ultimately, has the final discretion of what is published anywhere on the site.
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